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What process cant be ignored in the process of using bar cutting machine


The use of bar cutting machine is very good, many places in life will use the bar cutting machine. This kind of bar cutting machine has a certain process when it is used, which can be ignored. Once ignored, it will affect the use effect of the bar cutting machine. So, what basic processes can't be ignored in the use of bar shears?

For the professional staff, what is the operation process of the bar cutting machine, what are the main elements in the operation process.

Before operation, qualified staff will check whether there is leakage, whether the power supply is used correctly, whether there is a good link between the components, whether the blade is firm, whether the body is well protected. Only when these are confirmed to be OK can they be used.

Before using it, try to use the empty car to see if there is any problem. If there is no problem, you can start the operation formally. When cutting round steel, the round steel must be pushed tightly. After the movable blade is returned, the round steel will be sent to the knife edge for cutting. It is forbidden to process the steel bar that exceeds the specification is too hard. When cutting the short material, two people should operate together, the later generations should listen to the command of the predecessors, cooperate coordinate, can drag pull arbitrarily.

Do adjust, clean check the machine while it is in operation. These can only be operated when it stops running. When changing the blade, you need to cut off the power before you can replace it. After the replacement, you must keep it clean tidy. Remember to lock the gate box.

What are the cutting rules to be followed

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the protective device of the bar shear is in good condition, whether the bolts connected to the equipment are loose, whether the compressed air is normal, whether the automatic lubrication system is in good condition, whether there are foreign matters between the upper lower blades, adjust the distance between the blades.

Secondly, in case of hot shear cutting, the blade should be preheated to 100 ℃ - 150 ℃, the bar material should be processed to the specified temperature.

Moreover, the bar shear is strictly prohibited to cut the bar material beyond the allowable range of the machine tool, the cutting stroke shall be stopped. At the same time, the length of the bar to be sheared shall be less than the distance between the center of the pressing head on the blade, the bar less than the specified size can be attached with a pressing plate on the bottom surface of the upper pressing head.

In case of continuous punching, sliding electrical failure of the equipment during blanking, the machine shall be stopped immediately for elimination. After the work is finished, the power supply should be cut off, the air valve should be closed, the sliding block should be stopped at the top dead center, so that the equipment is in the stop state.

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