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Shenyang Wanhaide Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd

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Postcode: 110025

Address: No.28-1, Zhenxing 7th Street, Hutai new town, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Sales address: Gate 3, No. 32, Baogong North Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province


Wanhaide Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has two large-scale professional production bases - linear cutting equipment production base  plate cutting equipment production base. It is equipped with a professional equipment machining workshop, a large assembly workshop (including precision hydraulic assembly),  a comprehensive administrative office building. The company has 5 sets of all kinds of cranes, with single lifting capacity of 50 tons,  more than 50 sets of processing equipment, including CNC boring machine, vertical lathe, hobbing machine, gear shaper, slotting machine, ultra precision cylindrical grinder, plane grinder, conventional lathe, CNC lathe, planer, oxy gas shielded welding, CNC cutting machine, wire cutting machine, vibration aging, profiling cutting, rocker rotating machine, vertical milling, etc.

The main parts of the saddle frame, such as Q235, are assembled in our plant to meet the requirements of the internal welding of the lower part of the saddle plate, such as the lower part of the saddle plate, which is welded to meet the quality requirements of the other parts 。 After the whole machine is assembled, after 4 hours of idling, the relevant items of the products are tested according to the relevant national standards. After passing the test, the product certificate will be issued.

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