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How to maintain the bar cutter better in hot weather


At present, the hot summer is coming, the bar cutting machine will produce high temperature high heat phenomenon in the working process, if handled properly, it will affect the service life of the bar cutting machine. Bar shears manufacturers remind the majority of new old customers, summer use of bar shears, to pay attention to the daily maintenance of bar shears.

When workers go to work in the morning, they should clean the working table of the bar cutting machine to ensure that the working surface of the bar cutting machine is clean tidy. Check the mechanical properties of the surface of the bar cutting machine, whether there is a gap in the blade, whether the lubrication of the working parts of the bar cutting machine is in place, which directly affects the normal use of the bar cutting machine.

In hot weather, many bar cutter factories will arrange lunch break for workers. Before the lunch break, make sure that the bar cutter is in the state of shutdown working. Do let the bar shearer idle, unattended still in the dangerous state of operation.

As a large-scale equipment in the factory, bar shear has a unique industrial status in industrial production. Due to its superior performance wide processing range, bar shear is more more applied to all aspects of national production. In the afternoon, before the workers leave work, they should timely clean the table of the bar cutting machine, stop the operation of the bar cutting machine, keep the working table of the bar cutting machine clean fresh. Regular inspection of each working part of the bar shearer is necessary to replace, whether there is wear, etc., can extend the normal service life of the bar shear.

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